Keeping Your WordPress Spam Free (Mostly)


WordPress is a wonderful system to work with when it comes to a great many things. Content site creation, niche blogs, personal sites/blogs, it’s friendliness to SEO, plus it’s immense coding and designing community make WordPress one of the most dynamic content management systems out there. WordPress appeals to all kinds of people online, [...]

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Managing 404 Errors in WordPress


Why You Should Manage Your 404s Any errors on your website can cause serious problems both for visitors and your SEO.  If the first experience a visitor has with your website is a 404 page, they are very likely to bounce off to another website for the information or services they need, instead [...]

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ROI is More Important Than a #1 Ranking


One trap SEO professionals and their clients can fall into is focusing too much on getting that number one spot.  It’s easy to see how it happens: we monitor our progress by watching websites move up the rankings, with the top slot marking an easy finish line.  If all we focus on is link [...]

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Relaunching the Site


Welcome to the new version of our site.  We are a Local SEO company specializing in SEO for Google, Bing, Yahoo and much more. Like most people in this industry I know the value of running a well trafficked blog.  I haven’t put the time into it until just now, but I am hoping to [...]

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A Blogger’s Beginning Woes


Starting a new blog can be exciting for some, and overwhelming for others. I feel it should be both, depending on your goal as a blogger. For instance, someone who is just looking to start a personal blog, and aren’t really focused on the monetizing or generating traffic isn’t going to feel that overwhelmed [...]

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Social Media Optimization and You


What used to be just a simple boost in web traffic is now an essential part in surviving as an online business, and in some cases even a brick and mortar business. As more and more demand for comprehensive and accurate search results arises, the search engines get more and more complex in how [...]

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The Differences Between SEO and SEM


If you are new to Internet marketing, you may have some questions about the difference between search engine optimization and search engine marketing. Both of these subjects are vitally important to your online marketing campaigns, but each tackles a slightly different angle of the ongoing struggle to get your website noticed. Both search engine [...]

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Article Creation and Submissions


Search Engine Optimization is often seen as some magical thing that is done to a website. The fact is that SEO consists of a series of important steps, each of which builds up different characteristics that Google uses to determine where your site winds up in search results. Article marketing targets two of these [...]

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Big Online Businesses Consider Internet Blackout; Support #OPEN over #SOPA


SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) continues to make waves as this controversial bill continues to cycle through the U.S. government threatening approval. The bill masquerades around as a safeguard against piracy of intellectual property over the internet, when in fact it’s a bill that essentially puts the power of censorship in the hands of [...]

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