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Gregg Housh

Post Date
September 2nd, 2018

Business owners rarely think of their blog as a great source of business. Sometimes they’ll look at the blog only as a way to gain some expert status by showing off their knowledge, which minimizes the impact a well-maintained blog can have on their business. The reality is that blogging is more than just a way for teenagers to pass the time or self-important individuals to share their political opinions. Blogs can drive in real business and seriously increase the ROI of your website in many ways.

The first is link creation. By having a reasonable number of links in each blog post back to your site with relevant anchor text, you help to build your backlink strength and improve your search engine results. These links can also send traffic directly to your websites sales pages, which in the end is the entire point of online marketing.

The second way blogging helps is by creating a stream of new content for your website. Google loves fresh content and updated pages, and it’s easy to add code in different locations on your site to show your latest blog posts. Websites with content that changes a couple of times a month (or more!) get the attention of search engines and get indexed more frequently, which means your hard work to improve your SEO gets noticed faster.

Most importantly, though, having a blog with solid content about your business and its industry helps promote your services and products. Establishing a reputation online as someone who knows what they’re talking about it is a great way to drive traffic and business to your site, and it helps your search engine results as well.

Of course, maintaining a blog is a lot of work, especially when you’re busy running your own business. We can help you put together quality content for your blog, either through training for you or your staff on blog management or by creating content directly.

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