Google Analytics Consulting

  • Filters to exclude traffic generated by you
  • Advanced filter to prevent ALL ghost spam
  • Filters for crawler spam, and a lot more

Our process is thorough and complete.

  1. Start a plan document.
  2. We review your existing configurations.
  3. Add any missing tools to the plan (ex: Google Analytics, Google Search Console)
  4. Review existing Google Analytics data.
  5. Talk to you about your website’s goals, to better define them.
  6. Finalize implementation plan.

Implementing the plan.

  1. Implement missing software/tools like Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and other tracking scripts you might need.
  2. Initial configuration of Google Analytics to sane defaults.
  3. Implement ghost spam traffic filtering (referral, keyword, event, page, etc.)
  4. Internal traffic filters to block you from showing up in your own logs.
  5. Event and Goal tracking (clicks, sales, form submissions, downloads, video plays, etc.)
  6. Segment creation to filter out old data, making it easy to see clean data in all of your views.

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Google Analytics is an amazing tool that helps you understand your visitors’ journey and make better decisions.

If you haven’t configured your Google Analytics properly and applied the needed filters your reports will be filled with irrelevant data. To ensure that your analytics is running smoothly and that you get real user data, we will review your settings and apply the necessary fixes, filters, and improvements.

Google Analytics Consulting

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