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Target Keywords: 10

Target keywords are at the core of any SEO campaign’s success. Keywords are the phrases people type into search engines. Every campaign gets a highly researched and heavily scrutinized set of keywords that will gain you the largest amount of search traffic possible. This traffic is highly targeted to convert into sales and will make you more money.

Advanced Research

We analyze the search traffic generated by keywords related to your business or product and comparing it with the overall competition. This includes the strength of competition, the quantity/quality of competition, and the identity of competition. We also pay close attention to what your competitors are doing to give you the best competitive edge.

Keyword Difficulty Reports

We generate detailed and easy to read reports that show you what keywords to use, how many people are searching for them, competition data and a keyword difficulty score. Using this information you can create content that targets these keywords and drives in traffic. We’re proud of the results we get and are eager to share that excitement with you.

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Website traffic doesn’t just happen.

Traffic growth starts before you write any content. How you ask? With advanced keyword research from experts. But you probably don’t have the time for that, or the expertise. Which is why we’re ready to do it for you.

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Keyword Research Tutorial

Keyword Research for Local SEO

We’ve written a blog post to teach you how we do our research.

Want to do the keyword research yourself? Just want to understand how we do it? Our blog post shows you some of our methods and teaches you how to do them yourself.

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