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Gregg Housh

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September 9th, 2018

Getting reviews for your company is essential, it’s especially important if you intend to do any business online. Customers who buy online do a lot more research than customers who window shop at a local store. Online customers look for honest reviews from people who have used your company before. Sites like Yelp, InsiderPages, Superpages, and Kudzu offer users the opportunity to share their experiences with any company, and to read the reviews submitted by other users.

So how do you get reviews for your company online? The experts all agree that the most important thing to do is ask! Most happy customers are excited to share their experiences with others, so just making the request is sometimes enough. You can also work to make it easier for your customers to submit reviews to websites. Links in follow up emails, or on a thank you page on your website are ways to streamline the process.

When it comes to incentives for reviews, the jury is still out. While offering a discount on future purchases or a small gift may convince more people to take the time to submit reviews, it may also smack of insincerity. Some companies have been caught paying for phony reviews, and you wouldn’t want any potential customers to suspect your using or soliciting fake reviews.

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