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Gregg Housh

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August 26th, 2018

By now we all know how important backlinks are. Reporting on exactly how vital ranges from “not very” to “essential.” However, one thing remains true, all evidence and research points to backlinks being one of the most influential ranking factors for Google search results. Not all backlinks are the same. Most people only link to the root of a website, the domain itself like https://localseocompany.net. These homepage links are great, but Google wants to see a more diverse set of incoming links to your site before it starts giving you high rankings. Deep backlinks show off the breadth of your website content and provide web users more opportunities to stumble onto your material.

Deep backlinks are any link from an outside website (such as a blog, review site, or article) that links to a specific page on your website that isn’t the homepage. A good example is a website like CNN. Most people don’t link to https://cnn.com they link to an article. These deep backlinks are very powerful. They drive in traffic and give Google more pages to rank. Deep backlinks show users and search engines that you have valuable content about a specific topic.

Deep backlinks work together with a robust internal link structure to help search engines and users explore the entirety of your website. Similar to building regular homepage backlinks to your site, getting proper deep links in place can be a hassle without the help of a great local SEO company.

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