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Search Engine Optimization is a vital investment for any business with an online presence in this day and age. SEO taps into the massive amounts of traffic searching for products and services through search engines like Google and Yahoo. This package’s aim is to take the client’s site (yours) and push it to the top of the rankings for powerful and profitable keywords related to your business. These keywords are what potential customers are searching for to find the product and/or service in mind.

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Target Keywords: 20

Target keywords are at the core of an SEO campaign’s success. Keywords are the phrases people type into search engines. Every campaign gets a highly researched and heavily scrutinized set of keywords that will gain you the largest amount of search traffic possible. This traffic is highly targeted to convert into sales and will make you more money.

Advanced Keyword Research

Every SEO campaign begins with keyword research. During this phase, we’re analyzing the search traffic generated by keywords related to your business or product, and comparing it with the overall competition. This includes the strength of competition, the quantity/quality of competition, and the identity of competition. We also pay close attention to what your competitors are doing to give you the best competitive edge.

Ranking Reports

We are constantly monitoring our client’s sites for changes, both good and bad, so we can react accordingly. We distribute monthly, weekly, and daily reports to our clients to keep them updated. We never leave you in the dark! We’re proud of the results we get and are eager to share that excitement with you.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a powerful tool used in the web design/development and SEO industries to monitor hundreds of metrics related to site traffic. It allows us to know exactly where traffic comes from, what it does, and how well it’s performing for you. This allows us to tailor our efforts perfectly to your site and progress, delivering you the best possible results.

On-site Recommendations/Changes

A very crucial component of SEO, on-site optimization involves making your site look and perform its best. This step adds authority to your site, allowing search engines to place more trust in you, your services and your products. Optimization consists of an in-depth analysis of your site based on target keywords, current web standards, and SEO best practices. Local SEO Company will make these essential changes for you, and provide you with a complete detailed report on the current state of onsite optimization.

Professional English Writers

Our writing team is staffed by professionals with English as their primary language. Our writers are based in the United States alongside our link builders all the way through to the administrative team.

Monthly Blog Posts: 4

Every site should have a blog, a section of the website getting frequent updates. Having consistent new content is crucial to keeping the search engines site crawlers coming back for more. Besides, having useful and relevant content on your site or blog is always a good thing! Our blog posts are well thought out, have relevant and interesting subject matter, and are top quality.

High-Quality Backlinks

Each month, our team will work with our network of content providers to place relevant backlinks to your site on high-quality domains in relevant content. The exact number of links varies, but averages 8-10 per month.

10 Citations/month

Local citations are essential to ranking well in location-based searches: having your business consistently and accurately referenced on citation sites that Google trusts.

Inclusion in 25+ Google-monitored Databases

Google monitors a variety of databases when ranking local search results, so having your information present and consistent in these trusted databases is crucial to performing well in local searches.

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People ask us why the first month costs more all the time. There is a lot of research and planning to be done for every site. Since our prices are based on the work that goes in and the time it takes to do the work, the first month’s price reflects the additional work that’s at the start of a campaign.

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