Why Do You Need An SEO Firm?

Simply put, they do all the work for you. There are three options to take when deciding on SEO. You could assign the task to a member of your marketing team, you can hire a new full time, in house SEO manager, or hire a full time firm to do the work for you. You should consider the options available to you, however, the least expensive and more successful method is to hire an full time firm. These are just a few of the main reasons why you should hire a firm to do the job for you.

Hire an SEO Firm

You Will Benefit From A Team Of Experts

Unless you hire a one man team, which very rarely exist in the SEO industry, then odds are you hired a whole team to work under the account manager. There are several layers involved in an SEO company, which also includes several layers of bosses, marketing assistants, researchers, etc. A lot of work goes into proper SEO. Unlike when you hire an in house SEO manager, hiring a firm involves multiple hands on your project at all times. Expert firms have seen it all, done it all, and know exactly how to fix any issues that sprout up. Therefore, you will never be wrong for hiring a firm for this. SEO requires full-time support, and hiring in house for this will be tremendously more expensive.

They Already Own The Advanced Tools

Here at Local SEO Company we use many, many tools to help us with SEO. Now, one tool may cost next to nothing, but when you have 50+ running at the same time it can become expensive. So, that’s why you hire a firm. They have already bought all the latest and greatest tools available to make their work even more valuable for you. Now, all the tools can’t replace an SEO expert, it just makes their job a lot easier. Also, the work they produce is much better and comes at a faster pace. Due to hiring a firm, you receive all these tools without having to pay for them. Finally, by hiring a firm, you are able to ask them what the best tools on the market are.

Your Marketing Team Will Have More Free Time

Even the largest of companies have a difficult time gathering the funding to open up a new full-time position while also finding room for an extra body in their office. SEO manager won’t be on top of your list of staffing needs. However, if you are considering using a member of your marketing team to do SEO for you, then it is already apparent that members of the team of wearing multiple jerseys. Meaning, they aren’t focused on their specialties, they are filling in gaps.

Hiring an SEO firm not only takes weight off the shoulders of your already overworked team, but also erases the need to find the funding for a new full-time employee. An SEO firm will have your back, keep an eye on your website, your social media accounts, and making sure that you build an organic presence to keep you on Google’s good side. A good SEO firm isn’t just some team you outsourced too, but an extension of your marketing team. Also, the odds are they will help your brand more than you could imagine. Thats the best thing about an SEO firm, is that you can always raise the budget to ramp up the work you need done as you continue to grow. That’s why here at Local SEO Company we take pride in the work we do. So, we can watch you grow alongside us.

Content Creation

Using AI to figure out why other sites are ahead of yours, we analyze their content and create better posts on your website to move up.


On-page optimization is one of the most important aspects of a successful SEO campaign. This is how you tell Google what a page is about.

Backlink Creation

Vital for building trust and proving to search engines that you are what searchers are looking for, we build new backlinks every month.

Competitor Analysis

Analyzing your competitors and why they are outranking you is our specialty. We run many complex tools to gather and test every important data point.

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